This article lists every person majorly involved in the development of the Nightmare House series.


Hen's Profile

Hen's youtube avatar.

Hen MazolskiEdit

Hen Mazolski is the Nightmare House 2's mod leader, mod designer, idea man, mapper, one of the two writers. There are several pictures of Hen in the game that serve as easter eggs. His YouTube account is Hen787.

David KingeryEdit

David Kingery (real name Joseph David Hobbes) is one of the two the writers of Nightmare House 2.  He also voice acted Dr. Romero and the Alpha Squad SWAT team.  His alias is his middle name combined with unused surname for his character Dr. Kingery, who would eventually become Dr. Romero.

He created some small games as a hobby years before making Nightmare House 2, mostly on the Commodore 64 and Maxis's Klik n' Play.  His largest project was a DooM mod titled 'DooM and DooMer'. Unfortunately, these projects were lost during overseas moves and with server crashes, and it's unknown if any copies still exist.

After leaving the Air Force, he returned to college to get a degree in Computer Information Systems. He currently works as an programmer and is currently working on a handful of games on the side.


Ido Tal

Ido TalEdit

Ido Tal is the design consultant of Nightmare House 2. He is an independent computer games professional who also helped in the making of the game, Portal.

Voice ActorsEdit

Danielle McRaeEdit

Danielle McRae is an experienced voice actress who does the voices of Emily Romero, and the Announcer, in the Nightmare House series. Her YouTube account is fairuzathelolita.

Music handlersEdit

Yoav LandauEdit

Yoav "Koolfox" Landau is the sound editor and one out of the two music editors of Nightmare House 2. His old YouTube account was Koolfox, but today he's known as TheLivingTombstone.

Aidin AshooriEdit

Aidin was the other half of the Nightmare House 2 music design duo.

Graphics handlersEdit

Pedro CalvoEdit

Pedro Calvo is the faceposer animator, video editor, and one out of the two texture artists of Nightmare House 2.


Pedro Calvo's YouTube avatar.

His YouTube account is tigerboyPT.

Christopher JonesEdit

Christopher "Guessmyname" Jones is the modeler and one of the two texture artists of Nightmare House 2.


Harry JefferyEdit

Harry ".eXeC!" Jeffery is the coder of Nightmare House 2.