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September 14th, 2013 ("Kill" Ending)

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Hen Mazolski

George Romero (otherwise simply known as Dr. Romero) was a scientist residing in the long-abandoned Never Lose Hope Hospital. During the majority of Nightmare House 2, Dr. Romero outwardly served as a guide for the Patient, communicating with him via television and monitor systems throughout the hospital. However, once he is revealed by the S.W.A.T. team leader to be responsible for the deaths of the occupants of the hospital and confronted by the Patient, he became the main antagonist. He might be insane (citation needed)

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Hints of Dr. Romero's backstory can be found in data logs stationed within his electronic journal. He was married to Emily Romero for a certain period of time, working as a scientist for an unknown company. His profession involved conducting experiments that involved study of the connection concerning the undead, illusions, and possession of the human mind. His status and reputation within the company remains a mystery, but his methods of conducting science were rather unethical and immoral. At some time, he used his own wife, who was against his methods of experimentation, as a test subject for his experiments. But he accidentally killed her in the process. In a failed attempt to revive her, he ended up resurrecting her spirit instead. "Apathetically," Romero fled to and took shelter in Never Lose Hope Hospital, a mental institution. He stayed there for several months, hiding in the shadow of the unaware staff members and patients as well as continuing his experiments. On May 5th, one of the primary machines he began re-construction on was the Core, a machine that would make its targets succumb to hallucinations capable of killing them. This machine would also ward off Emily's vengeful spirit to prevent it from killing him.

During his stay, Dr. Romero showed symptoms of paranoia, insomnia, and mental degradation. According to him, Emily continued to haunt him to the point of breakdown. In the month of April, he had gotten word of an individual crashing his truck in front of his abandoned house, found with the truck destroyed and the individual critically injured. The individual was brought to Never Lose Hope hospital. Dr. Romero believed that the event was linked to the constant visions that he experienced. This caused him to initiate phase one of his experiment -- an action which unintentionally killed the majority of people within the hospital. The lone survivor of the incident was the lone patient, as his mind protected by Emily via possession. During this time, the Patient was in a state of mental instability and hysteria due to the events in Nightmare House 1, and Emily was keeping him locked up within that state to ensure he would not fall victim to the Core.

On August 19, Dr. Romero headed to the cell detention block with a fire axe in order to kill the Patient. But just as he opened the door and was about to do it, he felt Emily's ghostly presence threaten him and spared him out of fear for his own life. During his retreat back into his lab, he detoured to the cafeteria in order to stock up on food, but was confronted by the undead zombie chef Joe and used his axe to pin Joe to the ground. On October 13, Dr. Romero later on decided to seek out the Patient as a test subject for 'Phase Two' of his experiment.


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Relationships Edit

The Patient Edit

When he first speaks to the Patient, Dr. Romero carries himself in a somewhat formal and solemn manner. He acts on a strictly informative and professional basis, giving only advice and updates on the current situation at hand. Although he acts calmly most of the time, he is prone to fits of aggravation and irritation. He also seems somewhat concerned for the

Patient's safety; after losing contact with him for 30 minutes in the maintenance sector of the hospital, he expresses relief at seeing the man unharmed. When he reveals that he is aware of Emily's presence, he warns him to be careful. This is maintained throughout the course of the game.

When he meets face to face with the Patient, Dr. Romero's darker nature is revealed. Logs found within his lab tell that Dr. Romero saw the Patient as nothing more than a risk test subject. His interaction with the player proves to be nothing more than a facade in order to lure him within the range of his mind control. He is completely antagonistic, boastful and arrogant, steadily taunting the Patient as he fights against the machine. However, when the Patient is slowly destroying the support beams holding the Core up in the air, Dr. Romero becomes angry and desperate and does everything he can to stop the process. He holds this nature up to the very end of the game.

Emily RomeroEdit

The full nature of Dr. Romero's and Emily's relationship towards each other during marriage is unknown. Emily


was highly against Dr. Romero's experiments. Dr. Romero had willingly used her as a test subject for a mind-control experiment, accidentally killing her in the process. When he resurrects her as a ghost, she becomes vengeful and begins to hunt him down in order to kill him. When she is halted by the Core, she uses the Patient as a means to help her destroy it so she is able to get to him. In the "Kill" ending, she brutally kills him with her psychic powers, expressing the full animosity that she had towards him.


  • The game is full of intentional references to other video games, and at least one accidental reference. While the Patient is fighting against Dr. Romero's Core he will occasionally say, "Would you kindly stop?". The voice actor had never played BioShock, and possibly recorded these lines months before it's release. He was improvising lines and was unaware that it was a famous line from that game.
  • Also while the Patient is fighting against Dr. Romero's Core he says, "I cant believe this..... I had to put up with a SWAT team, Blackhawks, some random guy swinging their axe around, and ah, look at me, still talking when there is science to do.' A reference to Portal's ending theme 'Still Alive'.
  • One of Dr. Romero's taunts is 'I am going to kick your ass, with science of course!'. This line contains two references. One is the character Dr. Insano from The Spoony Experiment, a stereotypical mad scientist. The other was the voice actor's Sergeant from Air Force basic training, who would threaten to kick his trainee's asses with push-ups.
  • Dr. Romero's name was originally Dr. Kingery. Voice actor Joseph David Hobbes was allowed to rename him, and decided on Dr. Romero to be a simultaneous reference to both George A. Romero and John Romero. He kept the surname Kingery for his own alias, despite not being sure how it's pronounced.
  • Dr. Romero's name was intentionally never mentioned. In UnderhellDr. Romero's first name is George, and protagonist Jake Hawkfield was his patient.
  • Emily's full name is Emily Rose Romero, a reference to the movie 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'. Rosemary was also considered as a name, as a reference to 'Rosemary's Baby'.
  • Only two of the SWAT members have names, Johnson and Graves. Graves is named after the character Randall Graves from 'Clerks', who has a similar demeanor.