Emily Romero
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Sometime before Feburary 2nd, 2013

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  • Brown (Alive)
  • Black (Phantom)
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  • Gray (Alive)
  • Black (Phantom)
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Danielle McRae


Emily Romero is a ghostly apparition that haunts the Never Lose Hope hospital as well as the home in which she and her husband lived. She serves as a deuteragonist alongside the Patient, guiding him through the hospital as he fights his way through the paranormal activity that's overwhelmed the facility.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Emily And Romero Married

Emily and Romero as a married couple, standing in front of their newly purchased home.

Little is known from Emily's history. However, hints and glimpses of it can be found mostly within the visions the player experiences throughout his journey. She was married to George Romero for a certain period of time, but their relationship towards each other is never completely understood. Emily was against Dr. Romero's paranormal experiments, and in retaliation, Dr. Romero willingly used her as a test subject for mind-control. However, she is accidentally killed in the process. In an attempt to revive her, Romero only managed to bring back her spirit. Based from hallucinations that the Patient witnesses, it can be said that he had used his hallucination experiments on her to the point in where she committed suicide by hanging herself. The blood on her dress signals possible damage done to her in the visions she had, although whether or not the blood is actually hers is unknown.

Appearances Edit

Nightmare House Edit


Emily on the TV screen as she opens the door for the Patient to move through.

Emily is first encountered when the Patient is exploring what appears to be the living room of the Dr. Romero household. As the Patient approaches the TV, a image of an eye flickers through the static before transitioning to the next hallway. Emily approaches the door and opens it for him. Though she is seen on the TV standing in the doorway, the player sees nothing when directing focus on the actual hallway.
Emily's Death

A hallucination of Emily having hung herself.

When the Patient falls through the floor and finds another door, he finds Emily sitting in an area of the house that was under construction. When he approaches her, she gets up and runs into the adjacent hallway, leaving behind a pool of blood, a trail of bloody footsteps, and a doll. When the Patient follows, she appears at the end of the hallway, the tiles falling in a row in front of him. When the nearest ones fall, she appears in front of him briefly before disappearing again, leaving behind two zombies. In the room that follows, a hallucination of Emily hanging from her neck by a rope is seen (a hinting indication of how she died), disappearing when the Patient comes too close. However, she re-appears behind him briefly before vanishing again. Emily actually died in an accident from Dr. Romero's experiment when she was being used as a test subject. After the incident, she searched for Dr. Romero in pursuit of killing him.

Her second appearances are spontaneous and seem to be only meant for scaring the Patient. The first is when he approaches a lit fireplace, and the second is when he is climbing a ladder to the attic


Emily confronting the Patient just before the game ends.

After going through the attic and entering a short hallway, Emily appears in front of him and promptly collapses the floor underneath him to make him fall back to the ground level. Once he enters the room prior to exiting the outside, she appears to him before a small group of zombies attack him and again before he opens the doors. When he is fleeing to his truck, she appears in front of him one final time as if stopping him from moving any further, the game ending immediately after.

Nightmare House 2 Edit

Through the downloadable Nightmare House 2: The Lost Files, it is revealed that Emily had possessed the very household and manifested the zombies that had attacked the Patient. The horrifying experience drives him insane, and he is taken to Never Lose Hope Hospital - the very hospital in which Dr. Romero has hidden himself in. Emily keeps his mind within her control for a total of seven months, locking him in a state of mental disarray. This was not meant to actually hurt him, but to protect him from the control of The Core, a machine designed to create near-real hallucinations for its victims. At some point in time, Emily restores his sanity and allows Dr. Romero to wake him up.

Emily makes her first appearance when running past the Patient down the hallway to the security room, where he has to go to in order to shut down the lock down barring his progress. After he opens the gates back up and Dr. Romero orders him to head into the kitchen, Emily appears to him outside of the room before disappearing again. When the Patient heads out of the door, she is peeking around the bend as if to make sure she is following him before vanishing out of sight again.

After the Patient kills the Zombie Chef Joe and exits the kitchen, Emily shuts and locks the doors that he went through, only to open up the second set that leads out of the cafeteria.

When the Patient finds a hand pistol and Dr. Romero unlocks the elevator doors for him, Emily appears in the elevator, then again in the room leading to the elevators, the lights shatter under her influence. She approaches from an unseen angle to the window between her and the Patient, looking at him as if studying him. She disappears when the Patient exits the room.


Emily observing the Patient.

When the Patient reaches the top floor and the doors open up, Emily is shown running past him in a move to show him the way.

When the Patient reaches the radiology department and enters the third room down, the door locks itself and the light within the room shatters. There is a tense moment before Emily appears inside of the monitor sub-room and disappears, the glass shattering. The door then unlocks, allowing the Patient to step through.

During the first hallucination sequence, the Patient approaches Emily sitting in a wheelchair faced away from him. When he gets too close, he has a sudden vision of Dr. Romero's core before falling through the floor and into a pool of blood. He wakes up in a room, getting up just in time to see the door close. It can be assumed that these appearances were made by Emily, the latter appearance having been made in order to rescue him from the hallucination. When Romero communicates with the Patient again, he reveals that he too is aware of Emily's presence and notes that she wants something from him.

When the Patient reaches a security gate and attempts to open it up, it only opens up partially before the power goes down. As he opens the door down to re-activate the power, Emily appears to be following that same path. After he reactivates the power and opens the security gate, she re-appears and disappears in front of him.

When he reaches the hallway leading down to the emergency rooms and surgery department, she appears a distance in front of him, all light sources shattering. After he searches the rooms, she leads him down to the hallway adjacent to the emergency room, but not before locking the door prior to that. When he turns around, she appears behind him and then disappears again.

At the end the second hallucination sequence, the Patient is trapped in what appears to be a rusted-colored hallway. As he approaches each end of the hallway, the walls slowly close in on him until he is trapped in a box-like room. Looking up, he sees Emily floating over his head before the floor collapses underneath him and the hallucination ends. Presumably, she had once again forced him out of the hallucination.


Emily, kneeling over S.W.A.T. member Johnson as he is dying.

Emily is not seen while the Patient is in the company of the S.W.A.T. team sent to terminate Dr. Romero. However, a while after he is separated from them, he once again encounters her kneeling over a dying Johnson. She disappears when the Patient gets close enough.


Emily approaches the Patient in order to rescue him from burning to death.

When the Patient shuts off the equipment in the radio room, he is forced to flee as his method of sabotaging the power source has set fire to the area. When he gets to a set of double doors, they automatically shut and lock themselves (presumably Dr. Romero's attempt at killing him). The Patient is helpless as the flames approach him, but his life is spared when Emily appears in the flames, forces the doors open, and pushes the Patient through. Appearing on the other side, she runs past him into the morgue and initiates a third hallucination sequence. When he follows right behind her, he is greeted by body containers opening and bags containing corpses falling onto the ground. Emily herself is lying on the operation table, only to appear standing in front of it when the Patient gets close enough. The hallucination ends with the Patient as nothing more than a skeleton, with Nurses "operating" on him and Emily observing.

After re-uniting with the remaining three S.W.A.T. members, the Patient has to go another way to open up a locked door for them to move through. When he nears the door, Emily will appear to him briefly before disappearing again, not appearing for the rest of the game prior to the last chapter.

In the final chapter, the remaining S.W.A.T. member is mortally wounded when their evacuation chopper crash-lands on the helipad after the pilot falls victim to Dr. Romero's hallucinations. In his dying words, he tells the Patient of their mission to kill Dr. Romero and orders him to take up the job. As he heads down the elevator leading to Dr. Romero's hideout, the Patient has a choice to leave the hospital or head down to the basement level in order to kill Dr. Romero. Should the Patient attempt to leave, Emily will threaten him in an angry and desperate manner. If he persists, she will intercept, pin him to the ground, and brutally kill him.

As the Patient is destroying the support beams holding the core up while fighting off zombies spawned by the machine, Dr. Romero repeatedly forces the Patient into hallucination after hallucination, only for Emily to rescue him before he is killed. The first hallucination involves a stampede of Creepers rushing at him to finish him off, only for Emily to appear and kill them all before sending him back into reality. The second is similar to the first hallucination he had prior to the confrontation with Dr. Romero and ends with him falling into a pool of blood, only for Emily to reach inside and pull him back out. The third hallucination represents a flashback to Nightmare House in where the Patient is fleeing the Romero household while being chased by the zombies. Emily appears again, and her intentions for his life are made clear. She telekinetically lifts the truck and crushing the oncoming creatures, albeit critically injuring the Patient in the process.

After the Patient brings down the support beams and the Core itself, he is wounded and incapacitated by the resulting shockwave. Dr. Romero approaches him confidently due to the Core still being active and declares his victory, only to have the Core shut off. Emily appears in front of Dr. Romero, and he attempts to apologize for his actions against her. Despite this, she uses her powers to smash him into the walls before liquifying the flesh from his bones. She turns around, approaches the mortally wounded Patient and thanks him with a smile. The game then ends.

Secret MessagesEdit

  • "Find Romero.." Emily's first quote
  • "Kill him"
  • "I'm watching you..."
  • "Do not listen to him!"
  • "You can't escape..."
  • "Keep going."
  • "Wake up!" This plays at the beginning of Chapter 3
  • "He's close."
  • "Follow me."
  • "Nothing to fear."
  • "He's taking another good soul."
  • "It's a trap!"
  • "You cannot die now!"
  • "Romero is close."
  • "Your friends are fine."
  • "Turn back, right now'!" This plays in the escape ending
  • "He is here." This plays in the kill ending
  • "Keep fighting, go back!"
  • "It doesn't end here."
  • "Take me to Romero."

Funny/Random Secret MessagesEdit

  • "You just lost the game!"
  • "I'm pregnant and it's yours!"
  • "Nightmare House 3 is taking place on the moon!"
  • "The Nurse is a lie."
  • "I'm hotter than the announcer!"
  • "I'm not dead, I'm just not alive."
  • "You have no idea how smelly this dress is."
  • "I made you jump like a little girl!"
  • "You are cute when scared to death."
  • "Have you seen my eyes?"
  • "The announcer is a bitch!"
  • "You better not open my texture files!"
  • "The thing I miss while being alive is getting wasted on Fridays."
  • "This is an Easter Egg!"
  • "If you can understand this, it means you need to get a real life!"


  • All of Emily's sound files, except "Thank you", can only be understood by reversing them.
  • Despite the fact Emily said that Nightmare House 3 would take place on the moon, Hen said that he is
    Emily=Jake's Wife?

    A comparison of a ragdoll of Emily Romero and a ragdoll Jake's wife. They look similar...don't they?

    most likely not going to make any more games.
  • Emily's quote about her texture files contradicts what she said about not being dead or alive.
  • If done correctly, the player can noclip inside Emily and look at her bra and will be greeted with a message on it that says "YOU SICK FUCK! SHE'S DEAD!"
  • In Underhell, Emily looks similar to Jake's wife. However, she is not responsive, unlike Emily.


Emily Romero has a Photo Gallery.

Relationships Edit

The Patient Edit

Despite her nature as an apparition, Emily is considerably friendly to the Patient. In his lost and confused state, she guides him through to where he needs to proceed, acting as an indicator to where the main path extends. She goes out of her way to re-assure him and keep him calm through his own personal fears as he progresses. She has a sense of humor, and her efforts to scare the Patient are nothing more than teasing gestures. This positive nature towards him may serve as some sort of attraction, as she comments on him being "cute when scared to death".

Despite this, Emily is not above being underhanded and malevolent. As Dr. Romero pushes to take control of the player's mind, she is forced to possess him and put him through terrifying hallucinations of her own accord. Dr. Romero himself repeatedly says to the Patient that she is simply using him as a means to exact revenge; a statement that can be seen as true to some extent. This is further supported by the "Escape" ending to the game; if the Patient attempts to leave the hospital instead of killing Dr. Romero, Emily will desperately and angrily order him to stop. If he persists, she intercepts, immobilizes, and brutally kills him. These actions indicate that Emily, though friendly to the Patient, ultimately sees him as expendable to the very end. This is only contradicted by the "Kill" ending of the game, where Emily approaches the wounded Patient and thanks him for helping her, suggesting that she is regretful for forcing the burden of revenge on his shoulders.

Dr. Romero Edit


The full nature of George's and Emily's relationship towards each other during marriage is unknown. Emily disapproved of Dr. Romero's experiments contributing to the efforts of human psychology (the undead, possession, illusions, and the connection between them). Dr. Romero had willingly used her as a test subject for a mind-control experiment, accidentally killing her in the process. When he resurrects her as a ghost, she becomes vengeful and begins to hunt him down in order to kill him. When she is halted by the Core, her obsessive drive for vengeance compels her to select the Patient as a means to help her destroy it so she is able to get to him. In the "Kill" ending, she brutally kills him with her psychic powers, expressing the full animosity that she had towards him.