Guardzombie complete! (yayayayay)
General information


Individual information

60-100 (Depends on Difficulty)

  • Claw Swipe
  • Double Slash


Game information

Hen Mazolski

The Guard Zombie is a variant of the Zombie. Thanks to the Core, those that served as the security guards of Never Lose Hope Hospital are now under the influence of the Core, either dead or having gone completely insane from the effects.

Overview Edit

The Guard Zombie retains a human appearance on the outside, apart from blood splattered on its armor. However, under its helmet, it emits shrieks and growls like any other Zombie, lumbering and running towards the Patient in a drunken manner. It is considered much more dangerous than the common Zombie due to its ability to absorb a higher amount of damage before dying. When teamed up with a pack of common zombies, the Guard Zombie can prove to be a pest to distracted players. Thankfully, they appear very rarely, and only one shows up in a zombie horde. The .357 Magnum and secondary fire from the Shotgun can deal with Guard Zombies quickly.


  • There is a slight hint at the start of Nightmare House 2 of this zombie. At the start, behind the gate, there is a body of a Guard Zombie sitting on a small chair. After the player disables the lockdown, it has disappeared, leaving the chair tipped over and a trail of blood.
  • The Guard Zombies use the same animations as the Zombine enemies from Half-Life 2.


Guard Zombie has a Photo Gallery.

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