Mannequins Come To Life
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The Mannequin, one of the manifestations created by the Core, a machine created by Dr. Romero to further the research of controlling the human mind. It is featured exclusively in Nightmare House 2.

Overview Edit

Mannequins are faceless, white torso dolls with a rather masculine form. Some of them are hooked to the top of a standing pole, while others stand on their legs stumps. For brief seconds, the Patient can see them with muscle and bones showing before they return to their normal state.

Mannequins, of course, are simply inanimate dolls and do not interact with the Patient in any way. However, whenever the player has his/her back turned, or when the lights turn off for some period of time, they instantly change their positions. They can appear closer to the Patient as if they are following him, or re-appear and disappear in a manner similar to any of the other ghosts. This provides a rather frightening and disturbing environment when they are around.

In one particular scene, Johnson directs the Patient over to a set of controls through a window in order to unlock the door in order for them to meet. However, when the Patient gets to the other side, a mannequin is standing where Johnson is. Near the area, Johnson is found bleeding to death. This can mean that despite their hallucinatory nature, mannequins are seen as objects for ghosts (or at least those about to turn into ghosts) to transfer their soul through temporarily.


  • While Mannequins cannot attack you, they are arguably the scariest monster in the game.
  • The model files refer to a mannequin as Dave the Dummy.
  • It was originally planned to have a map made by Christopher "Guessmyname" Jones in Nightmare House 2 that was supposed to explain some kind of backstory about the Mannequins, but it had to be scrapped because of the game's deadline.


The Mannequin has a Photo Gallery.