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Never Lose Hope Hospital
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Nightmare House 2 era

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Never Lose Hope Hospital is the setting of Nightmare House 2. This is where the Patient is taken as a result of his mental condition, due to the nature of the incident in the prologue. Unknown to the Patient, this is also the twisted Dr. Romero's hideout. The workers, nurses, guards and other patients have been transformed by Dr. Romero's invention, the Core. The Patient navigates through the hospital, defending himself against the zombies created by Dr. Romero's machine, going through a series of hallucinations due to the said device.

Overview Edit

The hospital seems to have undergone a transformation, many of the patients being zombified or mentally unstabilized by the Core. Dr. Romero, meanwhile, has stayed alive, hiding in the deep areas of the foundation, communicating with the Patient through various radio communications and monitors. Emily Romero, in the meantime, is dragging him into various hallucinations, actually guiding him through the various blood-filled corridors of the hospital. At one point, the Patient enters the dressing department and has to get through an array of mannequins. They surround him, but are easy to knock over as he escapes. The Patient soon gets to a certain point where there are two options: Escape the Hospital or Kill Dr. Romero. If the Patient leaves the hospital, Emily threatens the Patient to go back into the hospital with an angry and desperate manner. If the Patient persists, he is pinned, incapacitated, and brutally killed by Emily. If the Patient decides to kill Dr. Romero, the Patient comes to a standoff with Dr. Romero's contraption, the Core. The Patient knocks the support beams out while undergoing three hallucinations, each one being thwarted by Emily. Once the support beams are out, the Core explodes and the Patient is knocked down, wounded and incapacitated by the resulting the shockwave. The Core still works, and Dr. Romero comes over to gloat in his face, but the Core stops working at that moment, and Emily appears. Dr. Romero is clearly shocked and tries to apologize, only to be forgiven by Emily telekinetically picking him up and slamming him into various walls, leaving satisfying splatters of blood, before holding him in midair and brutally killing him. After killing Dr. Romero, Emily walks over to the Patient with a smile, and thanks him.


  • On the sign outside of the hospital, the word "Lose" has been removed from the sign, making it say "Never Hope Hospital"
  • In Underhell, Never Lose Hope Hospital makes a cameo on a sign in the mall subway station.


Never Lose Hope Hospital has a Photo Gallery.