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Hen Mazolski

The Nurse is one of the manifestations created by the Core, a machine created by Dr. Romero to further the research of controlling the human mind. In some cases, they are also manifested by Emily Romero herself. They are featured exclusively in Nightmare House 2.

Overview Edit

Nurses are humanoid in appearance, having a mostly untainted body structure. However, their outfits as well as much of the face is stained with blood. Their eyes appear to have shrunken in the back of their skull. Their faces are somewhat disfigured, a multitude of scars and pale blotches on their skin.

Nurses can be seen wandering in a lumbering, shuffling manner. They do not make any noise, even when the Patient is within their presence. Their numbers are not as common as their other counterparts. In fact, there are a total of seven in the entire game, appearing mostly when the Patient is trapped within a Dream Sequence. Their actions often focus on the jobs they would have been required to do if they were alive, such as operating on dead corpses and working behind clerk desks. As such, they are passive and do not attack the Patient. However, in the cases that they do appear, they are either in areas out of the Patient's reach, or vanish if the Patient gets too close. After Chapter 5, they stop appearing.

Trivia Edit

  • The facial scars that the Nurse possesses is similar to that of the Silent Hill character Lisa Garland's (the latter of whom received her injuries from Alessa for "being curious").
  • In one of Emily's secret messages, she quotes that "The Nurse is a lie", which appears to bear a resemblance to "The cake is a lie" from Portal.
  • In Chapter 1, the Patient pulls a switch that shuts the lights off. When the lights shut off, all seven Nurses appear for a brief moment then vanish.
  • On the main menu of Nightmare House 2, a Nurse can be seen shuffling across the opposite end of the hallway within the first few seconds of the menu appearing.


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