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The Shadow is one of the manifestations created by the Core, a machine created by Dr. Romero to further the research of controlling the human mind. It is featured exclusively in Nightmare House 2.

Overview Edit

Like neutral monsters such as the Nurse and Mannequin, Shadows do not openly attack the Patient. However, upon touching a Shadow, health will steadily begin to drain. They cannot be killed with guns or the axe. Thus, they must be avoided and walked around. They will not follow the player and continue to stand where they are. Notably, when they appear, they emit a constant static radio transmission. This could be considered a foreshadowing the final events of the game, in which Chopper crashes due to the increased range of the Core.


Right before the confronting the Shadows, the Patient's flashlight will flicker off. If the Patient retreats to the doors he came through while the flashlight is off the Shadows will not be visible. However, the Patient's health will still be drained if he walks to where each Shadow would have been arranged.


  • Shadows act much like the ghosts from the videogame Metro 2033, which they, or their counterpart, might be loosely based off of.
  • They may also be a reference to the Silent Hill series/movie, as they emit radio static, a sign in Silent Hill that a monster is nearby.
  • It may be to note that their arms flail around as they attack you, indicating that they may use a line of code that attaches an invisible ragdoll to an invisible NPC. Alternatively, their head may be just pinned down in a manner similar to Mannequins, though this is less likely.
  • Shadows have the same model as Nurses, which is easily recognizable by the headband they wear, as well as the ponytail. They may be incorporeal versions of them.
    • This is best viewed using 'notarget', as the Shadows will not stare at you.


The Shadow has a Photo Gallery.