The Core was constructed by Dr. Romero during his stay at Never Lose Hope Hospital. The Core would make its targets succumb to hallucinations capable of killing them. This machine would also ward off Emily's vengeful spirit to prevent it from killing him. Dr. Romero accidentally killed his wife, Emily Romero, with the early version of the machine.


The Patient approaching the Core.

The Core was also the cause of many hallucinations encountered by The Patient. The Core's signal during the players journey was extremely low, only affecting the hospital itself. Thus Romero asks The Patient to increase the hospital's radio singal and in the act increasing The Core's Signal itself. Further into the game The Core causes Alpha 3 to go into a state of hysteria blaming the Leader of the team and also leading to his own death. During the Post-End of the game, Romero used The Core to take control of the Black Hawk Pilot causing him to crash into the hospital. Mortally wounding, and later killing the leader of Alpha Squad.

As a final objective and semi-boss battle. The Core is helped stabilize by wood, Romero uses The Core to "Spawn" several Creepers. As a defense mechanism, the Core had an outer shield kept powered by a diesel generator. A second attack/defense mechanism was a shockwave that pushed away The Patient, but also drained the power of the Shield Mechanism causing it to disappear leaving the core vulnerable to attack until the shields recharge. When the Patient destroys the wooden beams holding the generator, it collapses and shuts down (though remaining active for several seconds). Its destruction allows Emily to appear before Romero and kill him. In the 2015 update of Nightmare House 2 Romero says to Emily "The Core is also-" before Emily finally kills him.

Easter Egg Videos.Edit

"The dance" easter egg

"The dance" easter egg

Killing dr

Killing dr. Romero

Glitch (begins at 2:43)

Easter eggsEdit

  1. Before going down the stairs to the Core go to a locked door, there is a bathroom where Romero hides in. If The Patient tries to open it, coughing is heard and Romero begins to perform a weird dance (The dance can only been seen with the "noclip" command, which allows the player to fly through the walls and enter the bathroom).
  1. While in the elevator on the way down, giving The Patient the choice to either kill Romero or escape the hospital, when at the exit of the hospital, there is a door that leads to a pitch-black room. If The Patient enters the dark room, his flashlight goes out and he roams through a dark hallway and enters The Announcer's room. The Patient finds small, thin corpse on the Announcer's chair. The announcer then says with a a somewhat angry tone, "I do not wish for you to see me like this, please leave now" but if The Patient brings the S.W.A.T leader´s flashlight and look on the right side of the wall in the Announcer's room, The Patient will find a female's shadow with her arms folded across her chest.