Vote for your favorite character/monster from the Nightmare House series.

Note: If you say SWAT please be more specific. In other words, which SWAT member?

Note: If you say Zombie please explain if it's from NH1 or NH2.

The Patient-0 vote(s)

Emily-2 vote(s)

Dr. Romero-2 vote(s)

The Announcer-2 vote(s)

Alpha 1-0 vote(s)

Leeroy-1 vote(s)

Alpha 3-1 vote(s)

Johnson-1 vote(s)

Chopper-0 vote(s)

Zombies (NH1)-0 vote(s)

Zombies (NH2)-0 vote(s)

Zombie Chef Joe-1 vote(s)

Guard Zombie-1 vote(s)

Creeper-2 vote(s)

Nurse-1 vote(s)

Mannequin-5 vote(s)

Weegee-0 vote(s)

Uboa-1 vote(s)

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