Hitting the so called dead Joe
Zombie Chef Joe
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Sometime around July 21st, 2013

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Hen Mazolski

Joe was the chef of Never Lose Hope Hospital. Due to the hallucinations coming from the Core, Dr. Romero unintentionally killed the people within the hospital, including Joe.


The solitary survivor that remained in the hospital was the Patient. Dr. Romero eventually found out that the Patient was prevented to fall victim to the Core because Emily Romero was thwarting each manifestation that the Core produced. Dr. Romero headed to the cell detention block that held the Patient with his axe in order to kill the Patient. However, he felt Emily's presence menacing him, causing him to retreat back to his lab. On his way back, he headed to the cafeteria to stock up on his food supplies and while he was there, he was confronted by Zombie Chef Joe. Dr. Romero used his axe to pin Joe to the ground.

After the Patient has woken up, Dr. Romero orders him to head to the kitchen in the cafeteria to get armed. The Patient finds Zombie Chef Joe with the axe in his stomach. The Patient pulls the axe out of the zombified chef and heads for the exit to the kitchen. The door is locked and as the Patient turns around, he catches the sight of the undead zombie chef shambling towards him. After killing Joe, the Patient leaves the kitchen to proceed through the hospital.


Zombie Chef Joe has a Photo Gallery.

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