General information


Individual information

60-100 (Depends on Difficulty)

  • Claw swipe (10)
  • Double slash (20)
Game information

Hen Mazolski

The Zombies take place in Nightmare House as the only enemies that the Patient must fend off.


Once humans residing in the world, these beings were all victims of Dr. Romero's mind control experiments. As a result, many were either killed or went insane from the hallucinations. It is revealed in Nightmare House 2: The Lost Files, Emily had possesed the very household and manifested the zombies that had attacked the Patient. It is unknown whether or not any of the zombies had any type of relationship with Dr. Romero or Emily when they were human.

They lumber towards the player, emitting low growls and snarls as move and attack. The zombies mostly attack the Patient in groups. These zombies can be easily killed with simple maneuvers by the Patient. However, larger groups of zombies prove to be a bigger threat and can overwhelm a more cornered prey.


Zombies (NH1) has a Photo Gallery.


  • If the zombies' sound files are reversed some of them might say "Help me!"
  • The main difference between these and the default zombies is that the eye's appearance has been changed greatly.

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